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Free Secure your personal data by using a generated password.
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Yubico Authenticator is a tool equipped with numerous features that allow individuals to create and store a unique hardware-backed security key. With this solution, users are able to log into various devices by using only one key.

Its interface is user-friendly and has a straightforward navigation menu. The dark grey theme along with the green font color provides a nice contrast. The menu, however, has very few configuration options.

As for its functionalities, Yubico Authenticator comes with a Touch Authentication feature that stores the credentials on the YubiKey. You can use the QR codes available from the services you wish to protect and generate new codes with only a touch of the YubiKey.

Moreover, the key has a two-factor authentication secretly stored on the YubiKey and not on your desktop. It's a versatile tool because it provides support for multiple personal accounts and for time-based and counter-based code generation.

To sum it up, Yubico Authenticator introduces a new way to secure your personal data and connect to multiple devices by using only one key. I noticed that it does happen to freeze sometimes and continually asks for the key though it's already inserted.

JS Senior editor
John Saunders
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  • Includes a Touch Authentication feature
  • Supports QR codes
  • Has two-factor authentication


  • The menu has very few configuration options
  • Does freeze at times



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