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Lock-UnMatic shows processes blocking a file from being moved or deleted.
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Lock-UnMatic is an easy-to-use Mac application that was developed with the sole purpose of helping you delete files that can't normally be deleted, renamed or moved due to various circumstances. This tool can prove to be quite useful if you want to remove files form your Mac that are used by any running processes and you don't know exactly which ones to terminate.

Lock-UnMatic provides you with two simple ways in which you can add the desired files in order to kill the processes that are using them or unlock them for deletion. You can either indicate the path of the files (by clicking on the "Add files" button) or you can drag-and-drop the file directly on the icon of this application. Once you have done that, you will be able to view which process uses them, its PID and username for each added files as a simple list. You can easily kill the processes or unlock them with just a click of a mouse so that you can normally delete, rename or move them without any problems whatsoever.

Other than that, Lock-UnMatic allows you to instantly view all the files you have stored on your system that are currently in use as well as the files and folders in thrash or on desktop.

To conclude, if you are in need of an easy-to-use Mac application that can help you delete, move or rename files that are currently in use by other processes and unlock them, then the Lock-UnMatic is a good choice.

Tyler Vidd
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