MountnuoM 2.1

A lightweight application for managing volume and disk mounts.
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MountnuoM offers a graphic user interface to the "diskutil" Mac tool. The application's aim is to provide an alternative to using the operating system's Disk Utility for mounting and unmounting volumes. Despite the fact that it includes some very handy features, overall, MountnuoM does not rise to the standards of its competition and is mainly targeted at inexperienced users.

The program automatically detects mounted volumes on your system. These include hard disks, disk images, flash drives and many other types of volumes. For each mounted volume displayed, MountnuoM shows information regarding its node, kind, name, format, size, free space. Unmounting can be done with a click for one or more selected volumes. However Disk Utility works the same way and you can easily do this by selecting volumes present on the desktop and pressing a hotkey (command + E).

I was expecting the Unmounted Volumes panel to show all the disks that I disabled in the Mounted Volumes section. That was not the case, regardless of the number of disk images I unmounted.

Users interested in finding a flexible and feature-rich volume manager may want to skip this one. If all you want is a simple platform for mounting and unmounting drives, I suggest you stick with Mac's built-in tool.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Mount management
  • One-click volume unmount
  • Support for multiple disks types


  • Unmounted Volumes panel does not show the latest volumes you unmount
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