BatChmod 1.6

A simple solution for changing file, folder and disk permissions.
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Renaud Boisjoly

BatChmod provides a simple and convenient solution for changing file and folder access rights without having to work with Terminal. The application also makes it considerably easier to define data ownership and can force empty the Trash without using bash commands.

With this tool you can administer "read, write and execute" permissions for any file stored on a disk, as well as for the entire disk. All it takes is select either a file / folder / disk drive and assign Owner / Group / Everyone access rights. Although not specifically aimed for, even novice users may use BatChmod. Please note that in order to do all this, you require admin privileges (admin password input).

After changing data access rights, bash commands were generated in the Info Drawer (an extensible bottom panel). Without BatChmod, I would normally have to type commands in Terminal. While it can process single files or whole folder data, the application does not include a batch mode for changing access rights to multiple selected files.

The latest program release offers a new feature called BatChmod Express; it is designed to save generated bash commands into a standalone version of BatChmod that may be used on other computers.

The utility is simple to use and even includes a small tutorial in the Help section. BatChmod requires no knowledge of bash commands but considering it changes access rights to your data, it should be used with care.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Change owner, group permissions
  • Works for files, folders and even disks
  • Force empty Trash


  • No batch processing for multiple files, folders
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