Wraparound 2.0

Application primarily intended for users with large and/or multiple screens, which allows the mouse cursor to "wrap" around the screens.

People with huge or multiple monitors are well aware of how much of a nuisance the action of moving the mouse cursor from one side to the other causes. The bigger the screen area is, the more it takes to reach applications and corners. Wraparound provides the solution: the utility allows users to move the mouse cursor freely, regardless of edges or sides, making for a more fluid desktop interaction.

Wraparound runs unobtrusively in the menu bar, providing quick access to its settings. If you have trouble interacting with the dock or menu bar, simply de-select the program's functionality for the top and bottom edges. Hotkeys support is available for instantly wrapping any of the screen's sides by a touch of a key combination. Users can also customize the activation area where the screen will wrap with a choice of pixels. The utility can conveniently filter activation for certain applications.

Wraparound stands as a small useful application that will increase one's productivity; the fact that it's free will attract even more appeal.

Rory Shaffer
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