HyperDock 1.7

A tool for boosting up your productivity on your Mac.
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HyperDock is a simple Mac utility that sits in your System Preferences panel and provides you with various window management features to help you boost up your productivity. The program brings you easy-to-configure settings, allows you define various global hotkeys, and runs smoothly, without slowing down the performance of other running applications.

It might prove to be of good use to people who work with multiple windows from different Mac applications. By hovering your mouse cursor over a running app from your Dock, HyperDock shows you a small preview for each of its opened windows. You can close those screens or show them on your desktop with just one click.

Besides providing you with multiple window management options, this tool also gives you access to an easy way to control the iTunes player. Simply hover your mouse cursor over iTunes' icon from your Dock and HyperDock will reveal a small window showing player's controls (play, pause, etc.) and song info (artwork, song name, etc.).

Another advantage is the fact that you can define plenty of global hotkeys for changing the behavior of your Dock items.

Briefly, HyperDock proves to be a smart addition to your collection of Mac programs if you're the type of user who works with multiple windows on your desktop. It's effective, easy-to-use, and cheap.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Fast processing speed
  • Provides you with easy-to-configure settings
  • Helps you control the iTunes player
  • Offers you a simple way to manage the windows of other running apps


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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