QuickShade 2.0

Adjusts the light of monitors and improves reading.
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QuickShade is a simple software tool that allows users to decrease or increase the level of brightness on their Mac. It's very useful for individuals who have to work late hours in front of their computer or just read some articles on the Internet.

Once installed, the application can be accessed from the Mac's top menu. Its interface looks more like an app's menu and has only two options. There are no graphic customizations, only a few basic display options. Because of its low amount of graphical features, the app uses a low number of system resources and doesn't require a high-end system.

The responsiveness to user actions is very pleasing. The Preferences window includes the option to start the application automatically, along with some options for adding shortcuts to different actions. One thing to take into consideration is that the semi-transparent filter is disabled when you use Mission Control, so you can experience a surge of brightness if you don't avoid some functions.

To sum it up, QuickShade is a decent and simple to use application. It can be very useful to users who work late in front of computers, and besides it's free.

John Saunders
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  • Has good button responsiveness
  • Allows addition of shortcuts
  • Can launch at startup


  • Has very few configuration settings
  • Comes with a poor main interface
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