Stunnix Advanced Web Server 5.2

Run any site from your USB or CD-ROM disc.
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Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CDROM and USB media is designed for putting any site that uses any of most popular programming languages and databases to CDROM or USB, and has it working directly from that media. Any site that uses Perl, mod_perl, PHP (php4 and php5), Tomcat (Java), Python (mod_python) for scripting and Firebird, MySQL or SQLite databases can run off of a CD with the use of Stunnix Advanced Web Server. The CD, once put into the tray, will run the web server itself, MySQL, or a Firebird database server and PHP, Perl, Python, and Java interpreters directly from the CD and will open a browser window with the site in it.
What's new in this version:
- HTTP over Named Pipes requires NO changes to arguments of mysql_connect() and mysqli_connect() PHP functions now.
- MySQL tables that use InnoDB storage engine are correctly supported now.
- Added native support and helper scripts to allow running Wordpress-based sites from CD or flash drive without efforts.



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