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Helps you with your studies, specially for memorizing.
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This product can help you with your studies, particularly when the contents to learn to depend mostly on memorization. Thus, it comes in handy for studying vocabulary and concepts. The whole idea of the program is a very simple one that has been used for many years: flashcards.

The tool supports two work modes. First, you need to create your cards, which is itself an act of learning. It is excellent that you can include in your cards practically any type of data format, including not only text but pictures and even videos as well. Besides, it is also possible to import sets of cards that others have developed. In this respect, there are very useful sets of flashcards to download.

The second mode lets you browse through the cards to learn their content. Fortunately, the program can help you plan your studies in a better way. For instance, you can schedule your study sessions by setting times and contents. In addition, the tool grades your performance and automatically repeats those cards with which you had difficulties until you finally master them. In this respect, there are statistics you can consult about your rights and wrongs as well as the time you took to learn each material.

There are versions of this tool available for different types of devices. Thus, it is possible, for example, to study with your desktop computer at home and then with your iPhone on the way to school. For this purpose, the program allows synchronizing your notes across all your devices. more

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  • Supports text and media
  • Keeps statistics of your study session
  • Synchronizes sessions accross various devices
  • Exports in multiple formats


  • Not suitable for all kinds of study contents


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