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Increases the speed, stability and privacy of your Internet connection.
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Speedify uses advanced technology to speed up your data transfers by combining all your connections. Likewise, this redundancy allows switching from one network to another in case one of them fails, which means you will stay connected in such an event. What is more, all data transfers are done through a VPN, to preserve your online identity and bypass various types of restrictions.

The application has a nice and intuitive interface. Like most other similar tools, it runs unobtrusively from the Menu Bar. Since you will be using various connections, you should begin by setting their priority levels, to determine when and how each of them are to be used. The primary level means that the selected connection should be used at all times. Secondary, in turn, lets you use that connection to boost speed and for failovers. If you choose Backup, the connection will not be used unless it is absolutely necessary, that is when all your other connections have failed. Finally, you may choose not to use a given connection under any circumstances. It is also possible to set limits to the amount of data transferred using each connection.

With a technology called “channel bonding”, Speedify combines Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular Internet connections, etc., which decreases latency while increasing reliability and bandwidth. Since data is transferred through all available connections, the possibility that lost and corrupted packages slow you down is minimized. However, this may result in increased costs if you are using metered connections.

Moreover, this service counts with an extensive network of servers in 38 countries, which broadens your possibilities of using fake IPs. Likewise, they literally boast about their using ChaCha or AES-based encryption algorithms, which make their transfers highly undecipherable by third parties. It is also good that they claim no logs of your online activities are kept, so there is a little chance they are disclosed to others. Luckily, the service supports BitTorrent and P2P protocols.

All in all, Speedify provides a combination of various highly appreciated benefits: speed, stability and privacy. Like other VPNs, Speedify lets you access sites that may be forbidden in your country or by network administration rules. Similarly, it can let access region-restricted contents. The service is available for a cost, but there is one free GB a month.

Pedro Castro
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  • Lets you use the Internet using redundant connections
  • Speeds up your Internet connection
  • Supports strong encryption algorithms
  • No logs are kept
  • Servers widely distribute across the globe
  • Supports BitTorrent and P2P protocols
  • Lets you bypass IP-based restrictions
  • Protects your online privacy


  • May generate additional costs if you are using metered connections
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