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Check design composition and proportions with screen rulers.
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Goldie App is designed for artists and designers to check design composition and proportions. Goldie rulers overlay on your Mac screen to visually check the golden ratio. Apart from the golden ratio, the app references custom proportions like the rule of thirds, the regular and diagonal rule of thirds, and baroque proportions. Adapting to the background color, rulers are always visible on the screen.

You don’t have to know math to calculate the golden ratio in design. Goldie gives you exact numbers, always. Measure from any ratio point. On or off screen, it works with all design projects you can think of.

Art is all about proportions, but interrupting your artistic flow with math is just wrong. Goldie App was designed to help you while staying out of your way. It sits in the top menu bar where you can easily grab it and puts a transparent overlay on your projects, barely noticeable. Packed with the native mac interactions you are used to (ex. hold down “Shift” for snap-rotate or dragging).

Dictate the rules and Goldie will follow. For your convenience, the app is based on commands that are native to macOS. But you can personalize it even more. Create custom shortcuts for showing the ruler or toggling between ruler themes, lightning-fast.

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