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Show Desktop 2.0

This app helps you hide all running apps from your screen.
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This application enables you to minimize all running apps with just one click. You can work with this program whenever you wish to use a certain tool without being distracted by other opened windows on your screen.

The app can be used as a Menu Bar or Dock tool. Personally, I prefer the first option as I like to minimize the number of programs shown within my Dock. You can choose between 5 display modes for the app's icon (from the Menu Bar) and change it from the Preferences menu. Show Desktop sits quietly on your Menu Bar without using a large amount of CPU resources.

All you need to do in order to hide all running apps from your screen is to click over the tool's icon from the Menu Bar or Dock and the utility immediately applies the new changes.

Another good thing about this program is the fact that it allows you to select which applications to exclude from the hiding process.

Cutting a long story short, Show Desktop proves to be a reliable solution when it comes to hiding all launched apps from your screen. The application is very simple to configure, can be used a Menu Bar or Dock app, and comes without a price tag.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Lets you choose which apps to exclude from the hiding process
  • Sits quietly on your Menu Bar or Dock without using a large amount of CPU resources


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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