Shade 12

Shade 12

It brings together 3D modeling, rendering and animation into a flexible suite.
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Shade 12 brings together advanced 3D modeling, rendering and animation into an integrated, flexible suite.
Creating a model or a finished, rendered image or animation takes time. Every feature of Shade lets you work faster to produce high resolution, high quality art and animation. You can accomplish so many things with Shade:
- modeling for poly mesh, curved surfaces, boolean, meta blob objects, generate models from photos or illustrations;
- create fully animated characters with animated natural hair, or bring them in using COLLADA or PoserFusion;
- skin your models with multi-layered materials and unlimited maps, normal maps, displacement maps and more;
- shade lighting supports IES data, HDR-based IBL lighting, volumetric lighting to create well lit, natural illumination;
- render your scenes with breathtaking radiosity using multipass rendering, toon rendering or 3D stereoscopic images.

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