Water Tower 3D

Water Tower 3D 1.0

Water Tower 3D is a very simple platform game where you need to climb a tower.
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Alex Diener

Water Tower 3D is a very simple platform game in which you need to climb a tower and win the levels before the whole area gets flooded. The water will start to rise as the time passes and the main character can stay underwater for only a couple of seconds, so you should hurry up. In each level, you need to get a key, which helps you open a door that takes you to the next level. However, the key is not available in plain sight, so you should first figure out where it is, get it, and avoid being killed by the water.

Unfortunately, the game has very simple graphics and sounds. Moreover, it offers no music at all. The controls are very simple, since you move the character with the arrow keys and you use Space to jump. However, sometimes they can be a bit frustrating, specially when trying to climb ladders, since sometimes the character doesn't carry out your orders. Sadly, the game only includes one difficulty level, but it is very challenging. There is also a level editor, which allows you to create your own levels.

Thus, Water Tower 3D is an original game, but the graphics and controls really leave a lot to be desired, so I really wouldn't recommend this game.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging
  • Free
  • Includes a level editor


  • Only one difficulty level
  • Poor graphics
  • No music
  • Frustrating controls
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