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Real Racing 2

Free Real Racing 2 is a Mac port of the popular iOS game.
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Real Racing 2 is a Mac port of the popular iOS game. The game features 30 licensed cars, different tracks around the world, and several game modes. Being a game that was created for a mobile device, Real Racing 2 has pretty good graphics, good controls, and nice driving mechanics. Honestly, there aren't many good racing games on the Mac, so when I saw Real Racing 2 for the first time, I was impressed. However, if you play racing games on the PC or a gaming console, and have played titles like Forza, Gran Turismo, or some of the good Need for Speed games, you won't be left speechless by this game. Still, there are many great things about it. My favorite feature in this game is the ability to control your car with an iPhone. You can simply tilt your phone and use it as a steering wheel, and this works pretty well. You can also control cars with a trackpad and your keyboard.

The driving itself isn't bad. The physics and handling of the cars both feel well enough. The collisions leave a bit to be desired, both with other cars and against walls. There is damage animations, but they are nowhere as realistic as they could be. Crashing against a wall at 100 miles per hour will only make the front bumper fall from the car. There is no damage from lateral collisions that I could see.

There are different game modes, including a career mode where you race to earn money that you can use to buy better, faster cars.

In conclusion, Real Racing 2, although not a spectacular racing game, is one of the best available for Mac.

JF Senior editor
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  • Nice graphics
  • Handling feels mostly good
  • Different ways to control the car
  • Several modes


  • Crashes don't do realistic damage
  • Bumping with other cars doesn't feel realistic


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