Reckless: Getaway

Reckless: Getaway 1.0

Reckless Getaway is a nice arcade racing game for the Mac.
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Reckless Getaway is a nice arcade racing game for the Mac. It was previously released for iOS, where it was very successful. In the game, you are a driver who gets your gang back to safety after robbing a bank. Thus, you are running at top speed from the cops and have to avoid being pulled over or wrecking your car.

When you start escaping, you will notice that there are coins on the road. Collecting as many as you can will give you bonuses. After the level is successfully completed, you will get a star mark. Depending on how many stars you get, you will either unlock a new level or have to replay the current one. To get more score, and hence more stars, you have to do things like jumping over other cars, overtaking them cleanly, destroying cars by hitting them or driving them off the road, or using some of the power-ups that you get while driving.

The game is very fun, and there are well over 160 levels for you to complete, in a few different game modes. The game controls are very basic, which is one of the reasons this game is so catchy. There are three keys that you need to use: left and right arrow keys for steering and up arrow key for the power ups.

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