3D American Truck 1.2

3D American Truck is a challenging racing game with trucks.
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3D American Truck is a challenging racing game with trucks. You will drive some of the most impressive American trucks and help with the building of some spectacular constructions in key locations all over USA. You will put together your passion for the most skills-demanding truck games and for the most challenging parking games available for IOS, as you prepare to deliver concrete, pipes, and other construction materials to specific sites, playing a high-quality 3D car game.

There will be plenty of nasty curves to challenge your truck driving skills with, plenty of rocks and big piles of sand along the marked track that you might bump into if you accidentally get off the track. You need to keep an eye on the road and learn to master drive your truck clicking on the onscreen paddle for accelerating, for using your truck's brakes or reversing, and on the wheel that you have there for turning left or right. The second major challenge that you'll need to face will be to park your massive vehicle into the marked parking lots whenever you need to stop for getting it loaded with construction materials or when you reach your destination.

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