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NOTE TO SNOW LEOPARD USERS iSight Scanning is a Lion Only feature.
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iSight Scanning is a Lion Only feature. You can still scan QR codes in Snow Leopard but you will have to use images that you can drag into QR Codes to scan.
Create and Scan QR codes for any need quickly and easily with QR Encode.
QR Encode is a QR code generator that makes creating QR codes a snap. Select the QR code you wish to create, fill in the information and click on preview.
QR Encode is now also a QR code scanner that uses your Macs built-in iSight camera for scanning. You can also use images of QR codes and drag them into QR Encode.

QR Encode comes feature packed. You can generate the following QR codes:
- Free Form Text
- E-Mail Address
- Website URL
- Phone Number
- SMS Message
- vCard
- meCard
- bizCard
- vCalendar
- Android Market Links
- WiFi for Android
- Google Maps Location
QR Encode will recognize the following QR codes for scanning:
- E-Mail Address
- E-Mail Message
- Website URL's
- Phone Numbers
- SMS Messages
- VCard
- meCard
- bizCard
- vCalendar
- Google Maps
QR Code Scanning offers an import option for each of the QR types listed above to import the information into QR Encode
E-Mail Addresses and Messages have an additional option of being opened with your default e-mail client and will auto populate the To, Subject and Body fields if available.
Website URL's have an additional option for opening the URL in your default browser.
VCard, meCard and bizCard have an additional option of being added to the Address Book.
VCalendar has an additional option of having the containing event added to your Calendar
Google Maps has an additional option of opening your default browser to the location within the QR code.
QR Encode supports exporting your are code in PNG format. QR Encode also supports full screen mode in Lion.
QR Encode uses an embedded Google Map to help you easily and interactively search for locations to encode within your QR code.
Additional features also allow you to change the foreground and the background color of the QR code as well as setting the size and the quality of the QR code.

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