Spektrel Art 1.1

A collection of presets intended to enhance your photographs.
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Spektrel Art is intended to enhance your photographs. Thus, you can use it to emphasize certain textures and draw the viewer's attention to specific elements of the image.
The interface of this application is not very different from those of other products by this developer. This means that, if you have had some experience with any of these tools, there is not much new to learn. Most of the window is dedicated to displaying the images you are processing and there are also panels and toolbars that allow most operations from the main window.

The tool supports basic editing operations such as rotating and cropping the image. However, its main function is to modify the photo by applying filters. In this respect, you can explore the different presets available from the lower panel. These settings can be modified by adjusting various parameters such as style, borders, color and contrast. Fortunately, it is possible to save these settings under another name for future use. It is a pity, however, that you cannot create your own profile from scratch, as you will always have to rely on a pre-existing preset.

In short, Spektrel Art comes with a superb collection of preset effects that give your photos a much more sophisticated look. Fortunately, a trial version of this product can be downloaded from the developer's website.

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  • Collection of presets that give your photos a much more sophisticated look
  • You can change the built-in presets to create your own profiles


  • Cannot create a new preset from scratch


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