PANTONE Color Manager

PANTONE Color Manager 2.2

COLOR MANAGER Software is a robust desktop application.
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COLOR MANAGER Software is a robust desktop application for the that provides the assurance and confidence to use the latest PANTONE Colors accurately.
COLOR MANAGER will update all of the PANTONE libraries – more than 9,000 colors in all, including the dazzling new PLUS SERIES Colors – and make them ready to use in your QuarkXPress®, Corel® and Adobe® Creative Suite® design programs. COLOR MANAGER will let you use ICC profiles to create your own color-managed PANTONE Color libraries.
Key features of COLOR MANAGER:
Automatically updates all PANTONE Color Libraries - and keeps them up to date
Uses PANTONE PLUS Color Bridge values
Will also build ICC profile-based device-specific CMYK recipes for any PANTONE Graphics library (PANTONE Fashion Home libraries will be added in future releases)
Simulates and helps you visualize spot vs. 4-color process, including display and print gamut warnings to make it easy to identify any colors that cannot be properly printed on your target output device or properly displayed on your monitor
Synchronizes spot color values to design applications
COMING SOON: Enables synchronization of device-specific values to myPANTONE iPhone application (including standard PANTONE Color Bridge CMYK values)

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