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Print Therapy 7.0

Print Therapy is a tool that can fix multiple printing system issues.
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Fixamac Software, Inc.

Print Therapy is targeted at helping Mac users detect and fix printing errors encountered in their systems. The application offers a thorough set of features packed into an intuitive and compact graphic interface. With this tool you can manage the printers connected to the system and monitor all activity within logs.

The layout is divided into tabs for setting permission repairs, creating backups, user related verifications, managing drivers and viewing printer description files. Unless you are familiar with the printing error, going through all verifications may be a bit time consuming. A built-in wizard would definitely save time and make it more appealing to novice users. This also goes for errors that persist and the lack of a profile based search means you have to check individual settings each time you want to fix them.

The utility can effectively deal with printing tasks that keep disappearing, can restore the printing system to a previous state, add and remove printers, fix errors when trying to create PDF files and repair many more printing problems.

Print Therapy proves to be a very helpful tool for all printer owners, but best serves advanced users. It detects some of the most common printing issues as well as faulty drivers. You can look up errors on specific user accounts and backup the printing system files.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Repairs a wide range of printing issues
  • Backup and restore the printing system
  • Activity logging


  • No wizard
  • No profile based repairs
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