Namely 2.5

A small tool that help you to quickly launch your applications.
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Namely provides a simple solution for quickly running applications straight from the desktop. It makes it considerably easier to launch programs regardless of their disk location and can integrate with your own desktop environment by customizing the search dialog color.

Namely's search has autocomplete capabilities just like search engines; as you type, the application displays in real time all possible utilities that match the name.

Users can toggle the program's activation with the help of a custom keyboard shortcut. You may also want to change the window's color to make it either as visible or unobtrusive as possible.

From the Preferences panel you can filter applications from ever being displayed in the search dialog.

By rebuilding the application list, Namely will automatically refresh the list of programs available in your computer that can be launched.

The utility offers a faster way of launching applications when compared to the search box within Finder. However, Finder works for all types of utilities and not only applications. Also, it does not allow users to assign custom keyboard shortcuts for launching specific applications like other similar tools do.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Triggered by custom hotkey
  • Custom window color
  • Exclusion list


  • Cannot assign keys for launching single applications
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