An original Tetris clone where you should clear lines of similar pieces.
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Mino7 is a very original and fun Tetris clone for Mac. It doesn't really replicate the gameplay found in the original Tetris; instead, the developers took bits and pieces here and there and came up with an entirely new way to play the game. Basically, the game is all about making matches between similar pieces to clear lines. The pieces are called "Minos". These will scroll from right to left at the bottom of the screen. Above them, you will see three rows with Minos. The objective of the game is to drag the Minos from the bottom row and put them on the rows above. When you completed all the Mino matches in a row, you clear the line. You have to clear each row a given number of times for it to disappear. When you do that with all the rows, you win the round. You will notice that the direction of the Minos can sometimes differ, but as long as Minos are the same, the direction doesn't matter. Also, you can only hold a Mino for three seconds. This isn't a problem in the easiest difficulty mode, but in the hardest one, Minos fly through the screen and it becomes very hard to catch them.

In conclusion, Mino7 is an original variant of Tetris. It can get challenging if you play the hardest difficulty mode. Thankfully, you can adjust the difficulty from the window without having to stop playing. You can also pause the game when your fingers start to cramp.

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  • Interesting variant of Tetris
  • Fun to play and challenging
  • Good instructions


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