Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled 2

Swap and match three or more jewels in this puzzle game.
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Form rows or columns of sparkling jewels of the same colour and the identical shape. Swap and match four gems, get a super jewel and make the line exploit from the board. Group five pieces, obtain a hypercube and earn extra points. Choose among three modes: Classic, Power Gems or Hyper Cubes.

Bejeweled 2... Play the phenomenal sequel to the classic gem-swapping puzzler! Sit back, relax and marvel at the fun you'll have when you swap adjacent gems to match three or more sparkling jewels. The more matches you make, the higher your score. Enjoy three entrancing game modes with Power Gems and Hyper Cubes. Fully optimized for the touch screen with both landscape and portrait display, it's an all-new way to play the award-winning, Hall-of-Fame game. Add in amazing planetary backdrops and super special effects, Bejeweled 2 is hours of high-carat fun! What's New
Version 1.3.1:
- Fix crash during connecting/launch affecting some users Requirements
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or laterBejeweled 2 is a very addicting casual game. It is one of the sequels to Bejeweled, which is one of the most popular games ever. Bejeweled 2 offers a variety of new modes and refined graphics. The basic goal of the game is the same, you have to form rows or columns of three identical pieces to clear them and get points. When you make a group of 4 pieces, you get a super a power gem, which will explode and clear all adjacent pieces. If you manage to combine 5 pieces, a hyper cube will be created, which gives you even more points.

As I mentioned, there are a few game modes. If you never played the game, then it is probably better that you stick to the Classic mode for a while to learn the basics. This mode doesn't not have a time limit, which makes it easy to learn the ins and outs of Bejeweled. If you fail to see what pieces you have to move to create a group of 3, the game can give you hints, and it will do so after you fail to move a piece in some time.

The rest of the modes all add difficulty to the game, but they make it way more addicting.

This game worked great on my Mac, at full-screen and in a window. It was never slow and the graphics were very good for a casual game.

Bejeweled is available on a lot of platforms, including the Mac, WIndows, iOS, Facebook, etc.

José Fernández
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