Vocworld 1.6

Vocabulary trainer, based on a 3D - Game.
1.6 (See all)

Vocworld is a vocabulary trainer, based on a 3D - Game.
It's excitement, fun and learning in one .
Export your vocabulary lists from your word processing application
 or create a list directly in Vocworld.
Download other vocabulary lists in Vocworlds web database.

As an extension, you can complete your list with speaker - data.
Move around on the island an train your expressions by throwing coconuts at them. Collect energy by typing the words.
But be aware of the racoons!
Vocworld was created based on the cognitions of Neuroscience.
From Arabic to Telugu: Vocworld supports many languages 
and and writing systems.
Vocworld is compatible with Vocworld Space for iPhone, iPod and iPad, available at the AppStore.

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