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An intuitive HTML character escape and color picking tool.
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Jason Taylor

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HTML has a set of reserved characters, which may be misinterpreted by the browser: ampersand, “less than”, “greater than”, etc. When writing HTML code, these characters must be replaced with entities (for example & for ampersand). With Markup however you no longer need to do this manually, the application will replace all reserved characters it encounters with entities. Moreover, if checked, the utility can escape all characters entered in the editable area.

The application also has a secondary functionality that should please most HTML developers: a color picker. By moving red, green, blue sliders you may find the desired hex value of a color (or vice versa); you cannot input RGB values manually (for example R-FFF, G-000, B-000 for white). An alternative would be to simply look up colors by their names from the Color List (side panel). The panel includes up to 143 colors to choose from.

While Markup does its job quite efficiently, I found that most HTML editors include advanced versions of both of its features: auto-complete for reserved characters as well as means to choose colors from anywhere on the desktop. Yet, for editors who like to keep it simple, Markup can be a good choice.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Real time HTML character escape
  • Supports custom HEX values
  • Automatic color value copy


  • Cannot input custom RGB values unless using the sliders
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