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Speed up and simplify the development of web pages.
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Work with an integrated environment for web page creation and updating. Process existing designs and split them into text content and interface elements. Access and modify any element without disturbing the rest. Check out HTML templates for quick creation or modification.

Salt is a new kind of Web builder that speeds up production of webpages. Salt splits webpages into text content and interface. A single Salt file holds the texts content of a whole website, the interface part comes from html template files on disk. Because of this split it is quite easy to change a whole website interface design with Salt in just a few minutes. The template system used in Salt is very different from iWeb, Rapidweaver, etc, in the way that it only comes into play when webpages are exported. Salt is not a design tool of Web page interface, rather it uses pre designed pages and builds on them.Salt main featureFeature summary Salt is a self-contained database. Automatic menu creation. Automatic xml site map creation. CSS support. Keyword driven page creation / create pages from a list of topics. Automated linking of text content in different html files. Open-ended template system. Export from any tree-node to a new Salt file. Import to any tree-node from a Salt file. Supports all languages in UTF-8. Filenames are optimized for search engines.

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