EventScripts 1.30

Add custom triggers to different scripts.
Enable the triggering of AppleScripts or shell scripts in pre-defined situations. Select the script present in your system, then connect it to launching a certain process, operation, or action. Optionally, set up the triggers for interactions with iOS devices.

EventScripts triggers scripts whenever monitored events occur. AppleScripts, Automator workflows, Perl scripts, shell scripts and applications can all be executed by EventScripts.
EventScripts can also remote control your Mac by triggering scripts using your Apple Remote control. You can even run scripts from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using the free companion application EventScripts Mobile.
EventScripts is also scriptable allowing you to use EventScripts to send Prowl and Pushover notifications to your iOS device.
EventScripts passes parameters to all the scripts that it executes that provide additional information about the event that triggered execution.
The events that EventScripts supports include:
Bluetooth device proximity; Apple Remote Button presses;
Location changes; internet connectivity changes; application launches and quits; computer shutdown; file downloads; sleep and wake; screen sleep, wake and locking; screensaver start and stop; time machine backup completion; bluetooth availability; wifi network name changes; iTunes track changes; screenshot generation; volume mounting and ejection and many many more…
Our web site contains many useful example scripts for controlling Plex, VLC, QuickTime, Powerpoint, Transmission as well as templates for writing your own scripts.
Check out website for full details.

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