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MacA&D is a comprehensive tool for system analysis, requirement specifications, software design and code generation. Popular modeling notations and supported methods include object-oriented analysis and design with UML or structured analysis and design using Yourdon/DeMarco. InformationEngineering (Martin) style data models are used to develop information systems. Model editors are complimented with verification and balancing reports, code generation, reengineering capabilities and scriptable HTML reporting features.Logical data models often use expressive names and various presentation options to communicate information between developers. The names of database objects like tables, views and columns are typically more constrained and cryptic in physical data models due to the RDBMS limitations and the legacy systems that they represent. MacA&D allows designers to easily toggle between logical and physical models and show entities (tables) with full attribute lists, primary and foreign keys only or customized to show specific attributes.
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In addition to modeling enhancements, MacA&D OS9 7.5 adds a new mode for evaluating MacTranslator and a command to export documents to the new XML based format used in MacA&D OSX. Design work including diagrams and tables, text specifications, dictionary information and requirements created in earlier versions of MacA&D or WinA&D can easily be migrated to the new MacA&D OSX product.



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