Sublime Text

Sublime Text 3.3211

Write and edit various text files using syntax highlighting and a spell checker.

Sublime Text is a software editor, mostly used by professionals because of its useful functionalities. Thanks to some of its features, like spell checker, syntax highlighting, or interactive interface, users manage to complete their tasks efficiently.

Along with its features, the app comes with a simple but nice-looking interface. However, there are no extra skin themes and the text size seems a bit too small. Still, it compensates with its button responsiveness and easy-to-navigate menu.

Like I said at the beginning, Sublime Text embeds lots of features that professionals consider useful and efficient. Users can perform multiple selections that allow the change of multiple lines at once, rename of variables, and faster manipulation of files.

There is also Symbol indexing, a function that automatically generates a project-wide index of every method, class, and function. Furthermore, by using Split editing, users can edit in multiple windows, either files - side by side - or two locations within the same file.

All things considered, Sublime Text is one of the most used text editors by professionals, especially programmers, thanks to its numerous and well-implemented functions, and you should give it a try.

John Saunders
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  • Includes syntax highlighting
  • Comes with Symbol indexing
  • Has a spell checker function


  • Has a too small text size
  • Misses skin themes
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