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It offers a simple and efficient solution to keep your applications updated.
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Mac Informer is a desktop client that offers a simple and efficient solution to keep your applications updated. In addition, it provides you with objective information, quality reviews, and recommendations about different types of software programs that you may find useful in your daily activities.

With a completely redesigned and attractive appearance, the new interface is better focused on the users' needs and easier to explore than the former one. It consists of vertically-positioned tabs that facilitate access to the latest IT articles, apps updates, recommended programs, and activity feeds. The main feature for which the program was created – namely, keeping your installed applications up to date – is preserved. Yet, the way of displaying the information has been highly improved. Therefore, all the information you might need about a program (reviews, discussions, screenshots, overview videos, etc.) is conveniently displayed in one place. This way, the MI client not only scans your system in order to detect obsolete apps, but also offers you updates with professional documentation attached. In addition, it seems that the time of delivering the update-related data has been significantly reduced, as the program has gone through a consistent speed optimization.

If you are one of those users interested in software-related novelties, cutting-edge releases, new technologies, and high-tech achievements, then you can switch to the Articles tab, where you can find news that may interest you. A handy search box lets you identify quickly the articles related to a specific topic. You can either read the information right in the interface on your desktop, or visit the webpage that hosts the publication. In addition, each time a new material is available, an unobtrusive and customizable notification window will announce you that the documentation is ready.

Another smart feature provided by Mac Informer's new release refers to personalized recommendations. While scanning your computer in search for apps that need to be updated, the program analyzes the profile of your installed utilities and comes with suggestions of related tools that may help you in your work. Furthermore, you can track your recent activities in the Activity Feed module and launch right away the applications you use more often. In addition, you have the chance to get clarification on software-related issues by interacting with the community members, as well as to express your opinion on tools you run, so that other users may benefit from your experience.

Having the support of a constantly updated database, Mac Informer client is a perfect choice to stay in sync with new releases and IT advancements. It provides extensive documentation on both general topics and specific programs, so that you can make the right decisions when picking up the tools to use in your activities.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • New interface, better focused on the users' needs
  • Optimized download speed
  • Constantly updated database
  • Documented information available in one place
  • Customizable notification window
  • Can track your recent activities
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Access to latest IT achievements


  • None
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