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Question by alltogethernow
October 26, 2021
Answer by Guest #112785874

you press the little red x in the top left corner

Question by Damian 5
November 14, 2017

Activity Monitor shows me that Mac Informer (version 0.6.5 beta) is routinely the app that uses the most CPU (sometimes up to 50%), even when I'm not actively using it. I can see no good reason for this. It suggests to me that either the app is buggy, or it's up to no good. Could someone please shed some light on this?

Answer by Sean Hill

You should forward this inquiry to the developers because in case of a bug to fix it to avoid these situations. I have the Mac Informer client installed on my OSX 10.12 as well and it's running normally without errors. I've checked the Activity Monitor as well and didn't find it to consume processing power, only when I search or download or it's doing its thing.

Access the following link to reach the support page where you can create a ticket with this issue.

Question by Anymous
July 24, 2015

Does Mac informer support PowerPC iBook G4 on 10.5.8?

Answer by Alex Urbach

Yes, the Mac Informer client works with the Mac 10.5. In fact, you can install the application on the following versions of Mac: Mac OS X 10.5/Intel, Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9. In the future, I believe the software will also support the upcoming OSX 10.10.

Question by Guest
November 17, 2013

How do we delete Mac Informer?

Answer by Pete Clapp

Mac Informer is designed to keep you informed about latest versions of the applications installed in your Mac. Its installation does not affect your system's functionality. It is recommended to be kept. However, you can use many software to remove Mac Informer. Here's a list of them. I suggest you to use Graveyard or Ctrl Alt Delete because these are free and easy to use.

Alternatively, to delete it you can drag the icon from Applications to Recyle Bin.

Guest #27471730
Question by Guest #27471730
November 13, 2013

Where does Mac Informer client store the downloaded files?

Answer by Robert Polubinski

The Mac Informer client stores the updates it downloads to the following location: ~/Library/Application Support/MacInformer/updates, but to be able to browse to those files, you will have to check for updates and start an update procedure. Download the client from the official page and then check for updates. Once you find an update for an application installed on your computer, you can browse to that location to get the file.

Question by Guest
August 8, 2013

Mac Informer opens for a while, then instead of opening, its window says interminably "Initializing Mac Informer data". I uninstalled the app, installed a new download which works for a while then it freezes. How can I prevent the freezes? (I would send a screen capture of the frozen window, but this panel doesn't accept graphics.)

Answer by Robert Polubinski

This shouldn't happen as I have Mac Installed on my Mac and it's working without errors. However, if you have an older version of the software, then problems might appear because of compatibility. I strongly recommend you install the latest version that's available for downloading from its official page.

If you can't use the official page, access the direct download URL that's available for users:

I also recommend you uninstall the current version from your computer. Additionally, go to Settings and turn off the Firewall or add Mac Informer to the exclusion list.

Question by Hexley
May 23, 2013

On the older version of Mac Informer you could flag an update as old, or not needed or other things like that on this new one it appears as though you can not. It is either look at it, install it, or skip it.

How do I flag or turn in feedback for an update?

Also some apps that are on the app store have different version numbers than the ones offered from the sites. Is it possible to distinguish between them when the app checks for updates?

Answer by Jørgen Walters 1


It will be possible to report and dismiss updates in the newer version of Mac Informer too. We didn't scrap this feature altogether, it just didn't make the cut. It will be reinstated with one of the next minor updates. I'd guess, within a month or so.

For now, you can report those via the comments, or using the 'Report a wrong version' link on the respective app page.

As for your second question, no, unfortunately it's impossible. Maintaining two separate version histories, one for the App Store version, and another for the version distributed by the devs themselves, is hardly feasible, because in most cases the two versions are updated in parallel. When we're looking for updates, we monitor both the App Store and the official websites, and we use whichever source has the newest/highest version.

If the update is free, you should be able to install it regardless of the source; it will simply replace the version you've already got. If it's a paid app, well, I'm afraid there's not much we can do: if the reported higher version is from the App Store (and you can't install it because you bought the app from the devs themselves), it's very likely that the devs have abandoned their first-party version altogether - because it's actually more profitable for them to distribute the app themselves, without paying the 30% cut to Apple; if the reported update is from the devs' website (and you can't install it because you've got the App Store version), you will have to put up with it as an early update notification - because the update will eventually hit the App Store anyway, after it passes Apple's approval process.

Andrew Constandache
Answer by Andrew Constandache

Mac Informer, like Software Informer, is a section on the main website where software applications are indexed and reviewed (Quick or Editorial) by contributors. Mac Informer does not develop applications.. The client only lists the applications installed onto your computer and provides links to where the update is available or editorals for the respective application.

Question by Vyacheslav Evglevsky
August 4, 2011

I'm really interested in an auto-updating software option via Mac Informer. How soon do you plan to implement it?

Answer by Robert Polubinski

The Mac client will only inform you about the updates available for installed programs. There is no auto-update feature, but you can use the feedback form to send this request to the developers. To access the feedback form, simply visit the following page.

Question by David Facusse
January 25, 2011

My Mac Informer quits every time I try to use it. I have Snow Leopard, with the latest updates. I have tried fixing permissions, etc.

Answer by Julia Bocchetta

I have the latest version of the client installed on my computer and it's running normally. The version of my Mac OS X is 10.8.5 and it's working normally. I recommend removing the older version installed on your Mac, then access its homepage. Use the search function on your Mac through Finder and look for "Mac Informer". Delete everything you find, reboot the Mac and then install the application.

Click to viewenter image description here

Question by William Corrigan
January 20, 2011

I have downloaded Mac Informer 0.2 beta software and dragged it to my Applications folder. But when I try and open the software from my Mac Pro desktop or from my Applications folder, there is no response. I am using Mac OS 10.6.6.

I have re-downloaded the Mac Informer software a number of times, but I am still not able to open the icon to view the first window.

Please advise how I may open Mac Informer in order to utilize this software.

Stephen Prastman
Answer by Stephen Prastman

The latest version of Mac Informer client is 0.5.10 BETA and it can be downloaded from its landing page. The errors you've encountered are probably bugs that are probably fixed in the latest version. I recommend downloading the latest client version to get rid of all the issues you've encountered. Make sure to remove the version installed on your Mac before upgrading to a new version.

Answer by Dan Angel

No, the application is compatible only with Windows computers. However, you can try to run it on your iMac using CrossOver. It is an utility developed by CodeWeavers, that allows you to install and run Windows programs on a Mac without requiring a Windows OS license. Also, you can use Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion or VirtualBox. These tools let you run Windows or other operating system within Mac OS X. You can find similar applications on Mac Informer database.

Question by zeliboba
July 3, 2010

Why isn't Mac Informer shown on the installed applications list? It would be more convenient to ask questions and give comments.

Answer by Sean Hill

Actually, the Mac Informer client is available in the installed applications list. Make sure to download the latest version of the client from the official page and then perform the Refresh within the application. As show in the image below, the Mac Informer client will appear in the list of the applications.

Click to viewenter image description here

Question by Barb Murphy
May 11, 2010
Answer by Pete Clapp

Miranda IM is an instant messenger application developed only for Windows platforms. It is not compatible with Mac computers, but you can try to install and run it using CrossOver. CrossOver allows you to run Windows programs on a Mac without requiring a Windows OS license. Also, you can use Boot Camp which lets you install Windows on a separate partition of your hard drive.

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