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Mac Informer is the desktop companion application to the Mac Informer website.
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Mac Informer's desktop client is an application designed to make your digital life more productive and enjoyable by providing an update interface for all of your installed software, recommendations based on what you have installed, and both editorial and user feedback on application quality.

Upon launch, Mac Informer automatically detects the applications installed on your computer - you can view everything it has found in the "Installed Apps" tab, along with the application category and license type, as listed in the site's database. It also detects the application version and, based on that information, whether an update is available. If it is, it's listed with all the other available updates in a separate tab, where you can download and install them within Mac Informer if the developer's web presence allows it. Links are provided to a relevant web page if not.

New to this version are the recommendation and search features, which are incredibly useful ways to access the most relevant parts of the Mac Informer database. Recommendations are provided based on what you already have installed, and are displayed with information to help you determine whether each suggestion is truly relevant to your interests. The search functionality can detect words that are close in meaning to find just what you're looking for across the entire spectrum of software owned by other Mac Informer users.

Both methods provide access to a detailed view of each application, which displays a critical review (if available) and a user comment section. The application can often be installed directly from this screen if it hasn't been already, without any need to navigate third-party websites. In fact, the new Mac Informer interface is so attractive and convenient, with both a dock icon and menu icon, you may wish you could do all your application browsing, management, and launching through this application! Mac Informer has come a long way from humble beginnings - and the good news is that it's just getting started.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Recommends applications that other people really use
  • Can perform installations and updates in-app
  • Detects all installed apps, not just those installed through certain means


  • Application detection isn't 100% accurate
  • Can't launch installed apps directly from client yet
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