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iSwiff plays flash games, animations and movies without your Web browser.
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iSwiff is intended to play Flash files. Although it is true that SWFs can be played on a web browser, iSwiff lets you do it more unobtrusively. In this respect, it is excellent that the tool has an extremely minimalistic interface, which does not have such elements as toolbars. Fortunately, it even supports switching to full screen mode, by which the application becomes totally invisible.

There are various ways to open a Flash file on iSwiff. You can use the application menu to browse for the SWF on Finder. However, it is a lot easier if you simply drag and drop the desired file onto its window. What is more, you can set it as the default application to open this extension, which means that double clicking a Flash file will automatically open it on iSwiff.

All in all, iSwiff lets you play locally stored SWF files. The application is quite simple in terms of both design and features. However, it is quite unnecessary, as you can have similar results by switching your regular browser to full screen. It does not even come with a built-in Flash web plugin, which you need to download. In this regard, it would be good if the installer could alert about this necessity and offer to download it for you.

Pedro Castro
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  • Totally unobtrusive
  • Supports various ways to open a Flash files
  • Plays full-screen


  • Does not alert you of the need to download the Flash player during the installation process
  • Not very necessary
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