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Free A Firefox-based web browser including a built-in VPN client.
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JonDoBrowser is a web browser based on Mozilla Firefox that comes with a built-in JonDo VPN client to provide anonymous access to the Internet. The application looks exactly like Mozilla Firefox, except that there is a security controller to set the level of protection. So, it is unlikely you have any difficulty using it.

JonDo VPN services work by channeling your internet traffic through a cascade of servers. Moreover, the traffic flows heavily encrypted so there is a very slight chance that your data may get stolen. Unfortunately, this sometimes has the undesirable side effect of slowing down your connection.

The developers list a series of limitations of JonDoBrowser, which they are well aware of. These include mistakenly detecting a lost connection. Likewise, it cannot run portably from external USB devices. Moreover, registering JonDoBrowser as your default browser is not supported.

All in all, JonDoBrowser is definitely a good idea: enabling VPN connections from within your browser without needing a third-party application is likely to be welcomed by all users. It lets you surf the web anonymously, bypass local ISP rules and unblock geo-restrictions. Hopefully, they will continue to develop this browser and fix current issues. Finally, you should know that basic features are available for free; however, if you need more, you need to purchase their Premium services instead.

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  • No need of an external VPN client
  • Encrypted traffic
  • Highly anonymous connections
  • Various protection levels
  • Tunnels data through a cascade of servers


  • May mistakenly detect a lost connection
  • Cannot run portably from external USB devices
  • Registering it as your default browser is not supported
  • May interfere with connection speed



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