AOL Desktop

AOL Desktop 1.7

AOL Desktop is a brand-new, all-in-one AOL Internet application for the Mac.
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AOL Desktop for Mac continues to provide the best all-in-one Internet experience with improved mail, Web browsing, toolbars and a new version of AIM.
You will get the true AIM Experience - AIM for Mac allows you to select your own Buddy sounds, wallpaper and animated Buddy Icons from the AIM Expressions library. This is the real AIM, not just an AIM-compatible IM client, so file transfers are fast and efficient. Send files, folders and pictures to all your Buddies.
AOL Parental Controls Assistant works with Mac OS X to turn off Internet browsers and other applications and deliver age-appropriate content via the AOL Desktop for Mac browser. If you have parentally controlled screen names attached to your master screen name, AOL Desktop for Mac will automatically launch AOL Parental Controls Assistant and get you started in two clicks!
You will also be able to quickly and easily transfer your AOL Favorites and mail from AOL for Mac OS X personal filing cabinets. Icon tooltips, a new AOL Support Portal for Mac and the Mac@AOL product blog are all ready to guide you through new features.
AOL Desktop installs in seconds and launches fast - so you can begin browsing immediately, without signing in. The fast new browser is never obsolete - it gets upgraded when your Mac OS X is upgraded, so you will always be ready for the Web.

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