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Free Create local copies of your favorite webpages together with linked resources.
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iSaveWeb is a small application you can use to create local copies of your favorite webpages. This way, these contents become available when there is no Internet connection available. You may argue you can do a similar thing from your browser, and you are right. However, let us take a look at some of the advantages of using iSaveWeb.

The tool has an easy-to-use interface. There is not much you need to do to download and store a web page locally. It is possible to start downloading a page from iSaveWeb and also from Safari. Luckily, it does not grab the HTML only, as it can also download images and supporting files, such as CSS and JavaScript. The tool can also speed up downloads to up to 10 times of the normal speed. Still, it is possible to set limits so that it will not interfere with your Internet browsing.

Yet, what is best about iSaveWeb is that it can be set to download not only the current page but all the other pages linked to it as well. You can specify how many levels to download as well as restrict downloads to resources in the same domain. However, it has some limitations. For instance, you cannot use it to download entire websites and preserve their folder structure. Likewise, it does not support downloading media elements, such as audio and video.

It is good that iSaveWeb creates a sort of local repository for your pages, which also facilitates accessing them. In this respect, your downloaded pages can be sorted according to such criteria as a download date, domain and title. The webpages can be opened on its built-in browser as well as on any application that supports it. Moreover, in the case of pages downloaded together with their linked resources, the hyperlinks continue to work.

The locally stored webpages can be shared with other people. For instance, they can be copied to an external storage device, sent to a printer or uploaded to the Cloud.

All in all, iSaveWeb helps you browse Internet content while offline. Thus, it contributes to saving bandwidth usage, accessing content from other devices and distributing them to others. The product is downloadable for free from the Mac Store; still, its Pro features are available as in-app purchases.

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  • Organizes download pages for easier access
  • Can save linked resources
  • Allows limiting download speed
  • Accelerates downloads
  • Allows various ways to share the downloaded webpages


  • Can't download entire websites
  • Can't download media files



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