FTPortal 2.0

Application for easily uploading files to specific folders of one or more FTP servers.

FTPPortal is a simple utility that lets you quickly upload files to an FTP server. You can do this by dragging and dropping the files that you want to upload onto the application window or its application icon on the Dock or in Finder. When you do that, the application will automatically open an FTP connection to the server that you have established in the Preferences window and start uploading the file. Although you can only configure one FTP server in the application, if you create multiple copies of the application and assign them different names, you can have an endless number of FTP "portals" at your disposal.

The transfer window displays the file that is being sent, along with the number of bytes that are being transferred and the percentage of how much of the file has been sent. Unfortunately, you can't change the measuring unit from bytes to kilobytes or megabytes. Also, there is no estimated time for completion.

If you are sending an entire folder to one of your FTP servers, you can configure the application to create a ZIP file. This can often save you quite some time because some files will be greatly compressed.

José Fernández
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  • Easy to set up
  • You can create multiple copies of the app for different sites
  • Really practical


  • No estimated time for completion
  • It displays file sizes in bytes
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