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Free Allows you to browse the Internet privately and access the dark web.
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Tor Browser is based on Mozilla Firefox and places special emphasis on security. In this regard, the application connects you through the Internet through a cascade of three different servers, which makes it impossible for the target machine to know your real IP. In terms of appearance, Tor Browser looks very similar to Mozilla Firefox, so you will not have to learn many new things if you are already familiar with that popular browser.

One of the main advantages of using Tor Browser is that it gives you access to “onion services”, which means that you can surf the Dark Web, normally out of the reach of common browsers.

Tor Browser is not free from flaws. Probably, its biggest downside is speed, which may be severely reduced as your data passes through several servers. Besides, even though traffic is normally encrypted; some sites do not support secure connections (HTTPS). In such cases, the data cannot be encrypted and therefore becomes accessible by others. As a result, due to security reasons, there are sites that do not allow you to connect from Tor. Just like it happens when you connect through a VPN, you may face language localization issues, as the target site cannot identify your location and consequently your most probable language.

All in all, Tor Browser has the evident advantage of preserving your identity while you are surfing the net. Likewise, it gives you access to contents you would not be able to access otherwise. Although it also has downsides, it still may come in quite handy at times. Finally, you should know that there are extensions you can install on other browsers to access the Tor network.

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  • Allows browsing the Internet anonymously
  • Multilayer encryption
  • Gives you access to the Dark Web
  • Bypasses local ISP rules


  • Slower transfer speeds
  • Some websites cannot be accessed with Tor
  • Cannot encrypt connections when the target site does not support HTPS
  • You may experience language localization issues


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