IRC 1.0

Establish and run an Internet Relay Chat setup.
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Access an IRC client for Mac and perform specific operations. Work with elements and control options based on Objective C and Cocoa, switch between multiple servers, access text-based content for reconfiguration, send and receive messages, organize chats, etc.

iRC is an IRC client for Mac OS X. It includes the following:
- Native MacOS X application written using Objective C and Cocoa
- Multiple servers
- mIRC colours and text formatting codes
- Message highlighting
- Private messages and DCC chat
- DCC file transfer, including resume and drag-and-drop
- Auto-connect to servers
- Configurable colours and fonts
- Multi-window or single-window operation
- Tab completion and command history
- Plugin architecture What's New
Version 1.0b18:
- Bugfixes (colour parsing, networking)
- New reconnect delay, so as to not hammer server
- Better colour selection, better default colours
- Experimental Universal binary Requirements
PPC, Mac OS X 10.0 or later

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