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Twitter search client for Mac OS X. Incoming!
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Incoming! is a Twitter search client for Mac OS X. Incoming! is a Twitter search client designed for power users and social media experts. It lets you cut through the noise and find the tweets that matter to you most - so you can follow your favorite topics or keep track of what users are saying about your company's products.
Unlike other apps, Incoming! is dedicated to searching Twitter. Follow the latest trending topics, create advanced searches, or stalk your favorite users. Incoming! does it all with a clean, powerful interface built exclusively for Mac OS X.
- Translate tweets into your language with one click.
- See an aggregated list of all the links users are tweeting.
- Scroll through hundreds of attached Twitpic and yfrog images.
- Manage your search results. Reply, retweet, and flag tweets for followup.
- Our "Influencer" score filters out the spammers and shows you the users who matter most.

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