GRID™ 1.1

Spreadsheet plugin control for REALbasic.

Grid is a very useful productivity tool for your Mac. It is absolutely great if you are like me and you hate having to use your mouse at all. Because, in all honesty, every time you leave the keyboard, you are losing time. Grid lets you easily resize the current window. Grid runs on the background and can be called with a shortcut key. When you press the key, a grid will appear on the screen. By default, the grid consists of four spaces, but you can hold the Command key to add more spaces to the grid. With the arrow keys, you can select any of the spaces on the grid. The space that you select will determine the size and location of the window after resizing. If you hold the Shift key, you can select multiple spaces. This is great for when you want to resize your window but a single space on the grid is too small.

I used to have a multi-monitor setup, and now I am forced to work on a single screen. I hate having to switch windows and to manually resize them. With Grid, I can simply resize the window I am currently working on. It works great and it saves me lots and lots of time.

José Fernández
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