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Game Pack Plus 1.1

Game Pack Plus combines five different games in a single package.

Game Pack Plus combines five different games in a single package. The games are Reversi, Mastercode, Connect 5, Ludo and Retro Vegas. With the exception of Retro Vegas, these are all games that require some degree of strategy and can be played for hours upon hours. My favorite game of the bunch is Connect 5. In this game, you have to place stones on the board and make a connection of 5 stones either vertically, horizontally or diagonally while preventing your opponent from doing the same. When you play against someone who takes their time to think, the game will end up in a draw most of the times. That is what happened when I played against the computer. Another interesting game included in this pack is Reversi. It is very similar to checkers but I think it is way more fun.

Reversi, Connect 5 and Ludo can be played against the computer or human opponents. When you're playing against a friend, one player uses the mouse and the other uses the keyboard. This application can be run in windowed mode, but you can't change the resolution. On my Mac, this wasn't the best way to display the app because the Dock got in the way, so I ran the app in full-screen mode. The graphics of the game are not too elaborate, but these games don't need great graphics.

José Fernández
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  • Great games
  • Instructions
  • Some can be played against computer or human opponents


  • The resolution can't be changed in windowed mode
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