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Free Ludo Supremo is an entertaining board game for Mac.
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Ludo Supremo is an entertaining board game developed for Mac. This app was designed to let you play against computer players or your friends, allowing you to challenge one to three contestants in a Ludo match.

A good aspect is that the app provides you with detailed gameplay instructions which can be accessed while playing a match (click the "?" button). This feature comes in handy to Mac users who never played this type of game before and require assistance in learning the gameplay rules.

You can decide against which type of players you wish to play (computer or human) and choose the preferred amount of opponents. The app also allows you to play in fullscreen or windowed mode.

The rules are very simple: you need to move your tokens from the yard (initial position) to your home base (it's indicated by squares drawn with the same color as your tokens). You move your token forward along the track the amount of squares indicated by the dice roll.

All in all, Ludo Supremo is a fun and addictive board game for users of all ages. In addition, you don't need to pay a buck to download and install it on your Mac.

AG Senior editor
Ashley Griggs
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  • Offers you detailed gameplay instructions
  • You can play against computer or human players
  • Free of charge


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