Globvler 1.0

Globvler allows you to adjust the sound volume to individual programs.

Globvler is a simple piece of software that helps you adjust the sound volume from your status bar to any active application.
Once you launch the program, two new icons will appear on the status bar of your Mac: one that gives you access to the main menu of the application and another that enables you to control the sound volume for any running program.
This efficient tool proves to be a reliable solution when, for example, you are working on a project for school or work and you wish to mute the application you are using so that you can listen to your favorite music from iTunes or YouTube.

The application won't give you access to a complex equalizer but you can adjust the output volume as well as set the Fade In/Out rate to any running program within your Mac.

An advantage of using this simple tool is the fact that it doesn't burden your Mac and it can be used simultaneously with other applications.

All taken into consideration, it is safe to say that Globvler is a handy tool when it comes to adjusting the sound volume to individual programs.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple and intuitive menu
  • Able to adjust the sound volume to individual applications
  • Doesn't burden your Mac and can be used simultaneously with other applications


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