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Transfer any files between Mac and Android.

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MacDroid is probably the best app for an easy file transfer between your Mac and Android.
No need to install and run any additional apps on your Android - just connect it to your Mac where you have MacDroid installed and get full access to all files stored in Android - SD card storage and internal storage.

With MacDroid you can transfer ANY files from and to ANY folders on Android, but to be specific, here is the list of most popular file types you can work with:

Images can be moved from and to any folder you have on Android - default DCIM, Download, Screenshots, etc. or any other folder you’ve created.
Videos - from and to any folder you have on Android - Camera, Downloads, Movies, etc. or any other folder you’ve created.
Music - from and to any folder you have on Android - Music folder or any other folder you’ve created.
Any other files between any other folders on both sides.
Moreover, you can transfer whole folders with files.

Besides mentioned above options, MacDroid offers you extra ones:

You can edit Android files on Mac without the necessity of actually copying them on Mac.
Manage Android folders directly on Mac: create, delete, duplicate or rename.

Additionally to Android devices, MacDroid is fully compatible with MTP devices. So you can enjoy transferring files not only between Mac and Android, but between Mac and any MTP device, connected to it.

MacDroid requires macOS 10.10 or higher; compatible with all Android and MTP devices.

MacDroid is offered as a free version and as an annual subscription.

Free version of MacDroid will be enough for those who need to transfer any files from Android to Mac (one direction only).

MacDroid PRO (offered as an annual subscription, has a 7-day trial) allows transferring files in both directions - from Android to Mac, and from Mac to Android, as well as managing Android files and folders directly on Mac