Trampoline 2.4

Click its hot key, and it appears directly under the mouse.
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Old Jewel Software

Click its hot key, and it appears directly under the mouse. The things you use most, those core tools, appear all around your cursor, each one just a few pixels away.
Move your mouse up, and there's Safari; left, and there's Microsoft Word; right, and there's your To Do List. You choose what you want in your trampoline, and then when it's time to open it, it's right there.

When you're not using it, you won't see Trampoline. It waits patiently while you get things done. It takes no space at all. Then when it's time to do something else, you bring it up and it's ready to give you exactly the tool you need.

Give Trampoline a week and you'll find that your mouse always moves to the right to open iTunes. When you want to open Safari, you'll automatically move your wrist up. Your hand has learned where those crucial tools are. You probably won't even look at the Trampoline any more, even though it's so pretty. You'll just want to get to the tools you need.

Trampoline's job is to get you to your core tools as fast as possible, but it can get you anywhere on your computer if you'd like. Drag any folder onto the trampoline, and you can now get to that folder's contents in one click. The things in that folder are just as accessible as the things in your trampoline. In no time, getting to those favorite documents or folders will become just as simple as getting to your core tools.

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