Free Disk Space Analyzer 1.0

Free Free Disk Space Analyzer allows you to monitor disk consumption.
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Free Disk Space Analyzer allows you to monitor disk consumption. The tool provides you with information regarding the total amount of used space and the remaining free space in relation to the total storage capacity of your hard drive. In addition, it lets you scan selected folders, so you can retrieve size-related information about the existing files and folders.

The program opens with a chart-based interface that helps you see at a glance the level of occupancy on your Mac. Optionally, you can narrow the scan to a specific folder. Once the scan process is over, the application displays the results in a tree-map view. You are provided with size-related information about each item of the scanned folder, as well as with the percentage values of the amount of files and folders in relation to the analyzed drive. The utility also comes with a detailed displaying mode that offers to sort the results by clearly-defined filetype. All you need to do is select a category of files and the program will showcase the files on a list, starting with the files that take more storage space and ending with the smallest ones. Each item can be opened directly from the application or revealed in Finder.

To conclude, this program offers to analyze drives and folders in order to check the storage space on your Mac. Unfortunately, Free Disk Space Analyzer doesn't have cleaning abilities, so you won't be able to remove unwanted files and folders directly from the app.

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  • General chart view of disk consumption
  • Tree-map view of the scan results
  • Displays results by filetype
  • Can open files from within the app or reveal them in Finder


  • Doesn't remove unwanted files and folders
  • No advanced filters to narrow the scan


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