DisplayConfigX 1.09

Get the best resolution and refresh rate that your monitor has to offer.

DisplayConfigX allows users to set the optimum display settings supported by their monitors. When using Mac's Display tool, only a limited number of resolutions and refresh rates are available. With DisplayConfigX you can specify values outside of the standard range and customize a few locked ones.

Running the application requires admin privileges. DisplayConfigX automatically detects and displays the name, manufacturer and model ID of your monitor. Unless the monitor supports true auto-configuration, you will be able to change multiple display parameters: refresh rate, horizontal frequency, aspect ratio, default refresh rate. The Resolutions tab allows users to add, remove and edit template resolutions that will then be installed at the next boot.

Please note that before applying any changes, you should read the Requirements and FAQ sections just in case the monitor goes blank or completely dark.

I used two monitors for testing DisplayConfigX (with and without true auto-configuration) and was able to change display parameters just as the utility advertises. Without registration, the range of resolutions that may be used is restricted to lower ones.

Eyestrain and headaches are a known result of faulty refresh rate on a monitor; with DisplayConfigX you may set the appropriate values according to the capabilities of your display and prevent such inconveniences.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Detects monitor manufacturer, model ID
  • Custom input resolutions
  • Custom input refresh rate


  • Requires a thorough read of the FAQ section
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