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Manage a wide range of databases like MySQL, SQLite or PostgreSQL.
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TablePlus is a database management tool that provides users the means to perform multiple database operations, such as browsing, querying, editing or adding data.
The app can be downloaded from the developer's official website and installed in just a couple of minutes.

Its UI can be described as minimalist and intuitive. Being comprised of a few tabs and a content area is quite easy to navigate through the menu. It comes with various options to customize the appearance and it also includes a dark theme. However, at times, the buttons are unresponsive.

When it comes to its functionalities, TablePlus provides users the right tools to edit table structure, edit data rows, or just query results with one click. Individuals are able to view the records they need by using various filters and, when needed, they can export and import databases.
Furthermore, it has a built-in query editor, capable of performing various tasks, such as highlight syntax, split panes, stream results or instant autocomplete.

In conclusion, TablePlus is a useful utility, that encapsulates a wide variety of features that make users accomplish their tasks easier. The only major con is represented by its high price.

John Saunders
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  • Has a built-in query editor
  • Support import and export of data
  • Has a syntax highlighting option


  • Buttons are unresponsive at times
  • Has a high price
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